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Senaptec Sensory Station


Sensory Performance

Prior to making any move during training or even a competitive match, all of your senses are actively engaged and preparing both your mind and body for full-on action. Vision is the one sense that accounts for the bulk of the sensory data that is received and then processed by the brain.

Research and science both show that sensory and visual skills can be modified. Exceptional sensory skills tend to be the competitive advantage that you need to perceive and also react quicker in battle, sports, and various other activities in life. With Senaptec’s state-of-the-art technologies, you can have the ability to evaluate, examine, and enhance your sensory performance to get the leg up over your competition.

Senaptec Sensory Station

The Sensory Station by Senaptec is considered a state-of-the-art evaluation and training solution that evaluates individuals on various levels on 10 different sensory and visual motor skills. In under 25 minutes, you will be able to determine a person’s strengths and potential opportunities to enhance his or her sensory performance. A Sensory Performance Report is generated immediately, along with an enhancement plan, so that training can begin with the system.

Proven Evaluation Tools

The measurements that are used in the Sensory Station are founded on science-backed principles and have been proven trough various forms of research. This particular form of methodology has been utilized to utilize numerous youth, professional athletes, as well as war fighters.

Large Comparison Database

The data analytics consist of comparative databases from youth and professional sports comprising of a variety of sports and positions. It is easy to make custom comparisons in the Sensory Station.

Examination and Enhancement Plan

The proprietary algorithms of Senaptec offer an 18-point evaluation report immediately once the analysis is complete, and the report can be sent directly via e-mail. A custom enhancement plan is included as well.

Training Tools

There are training tools that are provided for all examined skills. These tools, which are included within the Sensory Station training platform, are designed as games that assist individuals in enhancing their overall sensory performance.

Senaptec Tablet

The tablet version has the ability of overseeing seven of the 10 assessments for the Sensory Station, and it includes the entire training suite. The tablet permits the following:

  • The evaluations to be taken off-site
  • Multiple athletes to test at the same time with supplementary tablets
  • Training tools to be taken on-the-go

For more information on Senaptec Sensory Station, reach out to us at Performance Vision.

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